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How to Transition to a Meatless Lifestyle

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Yes, I’ve given up the paleo life of enjoying organic grass-fed beef, hormone-free pork, cage-free chickens, and wild fish to NO MEAT AT ALL—also known as a vegetarian diet.

Crazy, I know…

But have you thought about switching to a meatless lifestyle?

Then, you are going to want to read on about how I did it, SLOWLY but SURELY :)

Whether it is due to animal cruelty, environmental, or spiritual reasons—the best approach to a meatless lifestyle is to SLOWLY TRANSITION.

Check out these transition steps below:

1. Transition Your Portions

If you’re eating the Standard American Diet, then you are eating LOTS and LOTS of meat at each meal. I did, I had LOADS of meat at each meal. So, just SLOWLY transition your meat portions to smaller quantities at each meal.

2. Transition Your Meat Meals

Now it is time to go from having meat at each meal to having ONE MEAL with no meat. So, if you typically eat 3 times a day, having only 2 meals a day with meat. Then when your body is ready, to switch to 1 meal a day with meat. Remember this time period is going to be different for each one of you. Really tune into your body to listen to its cues when it is ready to switch down to less and less meat.  Honor the process and don’t rush it. This is a lifestyle change, not a quick-fix diet.

For me, I’ve been consciously transitioning for a year now. I am happy to say my body is ready to go to a meatless lifestyle.

I’ve only been doing a meatless lifestyle for just over a week now and I feel AMAZING! I know, I am super GREEN! But, I am super excited about it and want to share this journey with you all.

So, let me know if you have any questions!

My Questions to You:

Did you transition to a meatless lifestyle? How did you do it and how do you feel now?

Do me a quick favor: Spread the love and share with three friends how to transition to a meatless lifestyle!

It will only take 3 seconds. <3 ya!

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  • Lynn Silva February 14, 2015, 3:52 pm

    Hi Jenny!
    It’s easy for me to go meatless. I grew up eating no meat whatsoever. I did a lab project in biology in high school and we looked at red meat under the microscope. You could see microscopic organisms squirming in the meat!!! That was it for me. As I got older, in an effort not to draw attention to myself, or get the famous eye roll for being the only vegetarian…I did start eating meat. The worst part is that I raised my kids on meat. My 12 year old does fine like me but my 9 year old just resists vegetables. I have to force her to eat anything but green beans and corn. Those two, she loves. Last week we fixed spaghetti…with spaghetti squash and didn’t tell her. She got so mad she started crying and I ended up heating her up a grotesque hot dog. lol So, please, if you have any suggestions on how to get my child to love vegetables, let me know. Thank you for you post and looking forward to more in the future. : )


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