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Tonglen: Reduce Suffering and Increase Compassion INSTANTLY!

tonglen reduce suffering and pain


Well, I have good news. You aren’t alone!

MANY of us are, including myself :)

I recently learned a SIMPLE, QUICK, and POWERFUL method that helps REDUCE suffering FAST.

Plus, it can be done ANYWHERE.


The tonglen practice is a method for connecting with suffering – OURS and then expanding to the WHOLE WORLD.

I know what you’re thinking…”WHAT! I don’t want to connect with that ugly piece of crap (suffering).”

Ya, I feel ya. We do the exact OPPOSITE, right?

We don’t want to deal with agony and pain, we shove it away, IGNORE it, and instead SEEK PLEASURE.

We go out looking for fun, drink, drugs, sex, food, shop, or do whatever to get TEMPORARY PLEASURE — so we don’t have to deal with the actual pain.

I’ve gone that route and it doesn’t work in the long run.

What works is really sitting and feeling the pain.

The tonglen practice also is a method for OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF SUFFERING and awaking the compassion that is in all of us. Yes, even you cold-hearted mofos out there ;)

We made these really AWESOME ARMORS around our hearts out of fear of pain, so we don’t feel the NASTY and UGLY pain of it. We have become SKILLED WARRIORS that can stop everything we can think of— just so we do not feel ANYTHING THREATENING.

We become so PROUD of ourselves, right?

Because NOTHING can hurt me now :)

But, we don’t realize that the awesome armor IMPRISONS THE SOFTNESS OF THE HEART.

So tonglen reverses that by just breathing in and out.

Simple, right? :)

We breathe everyday. We do this countless times, we don’t even know how breaths we take each day.

So next time you feel pain and suffering, do these 2 easy steps while breathing in and out.

Breathing in

Take in the pain and suffering of what you are feeling (anger, loneliness, inadequate, etc) AND simultaneously for the millions of other people just like you who at that very moment are feeling exactly the same suffering.

Yup, you’re not alone <3

FEEL and VISUALIZE it. Maybe a tightness in the stomach or chest, a dark energy, or whatever — breathing it all in.

Breathing out

Send out relief or whatever it is that opens up the space, so you and everyone else can breathe freely and relax — free of pain and suffering.

This relief is in any form you would like.

While breathing out — VISUALIZE a feeling of cool, bright, and light.

Do 3 to 5 breaths in and out, or as many times as you need.

As you can see, tonglen is really beautiful.

  1. It gets you out of the thought process that it is ONLY YOU who is feeling this way and all alone. NOPE! There are millions of people in the world who are also feeling the same way as you at that very moment.
  2. It gets you to really sit and feel the pain and suffering. What is it that you are REALLY feeling? What does it FEEL like within your body? Really visualizing it too.
  3. You send relief and compassion to YOURSELF.
  4. You send relief and compassion to MILLIONS of other people too!

Once you work on your own personal pain—you can then make the taking in and sending out bigger by doing it for someone you love or for someone on the street.

Diving Deep Challenge:

Next time you are feeling pain and suffering, no matter where you are, STOP! Do the tonglen practice. Take in the pain and suffering  and send out relief to you and everyone else.

I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know how this has helped you.


It will only take 3 seconds. <3 ya!


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