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How to Become Stronger in Kickboxing

strong kickboxingRecently, I did some kickboxing, which I haven’t done in forever.


*Pow Pow Pow*

I started to notice I was kicking a bunch with my right leg. This is where I had a huge AHA moment and realized how to become a stronger kickboxer.

The best part? This approach can be applied to everything outside of kickboxing too!

Ready to kick it up?

So, the reason I was kicking so much with my right leg was because it was way stronger, I had better form, my body didn’t feel weird, I didn’t feel stupid, and overall just had more confidence in it. It made me feel so amazing and want to continue kicking it up.

However, with my left leg, my non-dominant leg, I wasn’t feeling it. It was the exact opposite: I barely had any strength, I had a lack of good form, I felt my body was going all over the place with no control, I knew I wasn’t doing it right, and I felt like CRAP! I felt weak, vulnerable and not strong. So, no surprise that I automatically want to switch to my other leg, right?

Then, midway through it dawn on me, WHY AM I STOPPING BECAUSE OF THAT?

That’s because society tells us, not to be weak or vulnerable. Being weak and vulnerable is BAD, right? We always put labels on things, saying which things are good or bad instead of just letting things just BE.

Being weak or vulnerable doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, it just means, you’re weak and vulnerable :)

My left leg is weak and vulnerable because I don’t use it. There is nothing bad about it. I can improve on it or not.

Forget what society says about shoving away or avoiding our weakness and vulnerability.  The better approach is to embrace your weakness and vulnerability. This will make you ridiculously strong! This is because you’re actually sitting with it, really figuring out why you don’t like it. Get curious, not judgemental!

My action step for you today is instead of avoiding fear, weakness, or vulnerability to actually embrace and face it by sitting with it. Within no time once you stop avoiding and starting being with it, you’ll be so amazing strong! No more labels or letting your ego get in the way and just focusing on what really is in front of you and needs to be taken care of.

For me, that was kicking more with my left leg :) Focusing on having better form, and not worrying about how stupid I looked doing it.

Let me know in the comments below how you implied this approach, whether in kickboxing or something else. 

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Photo Credit: Eric Langley via Flicker

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