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You’re a Mean Girl! (and How to Stop the Inner Mean Girl Dialogue)

Stop the Inner Mean Girl Dialogue

I know you don’t want to admit to it, but you’re playing your version of Mean Girls 24/7, you know that negative self-talk we ALL do (including the fellas)!

This “bad” habit of yours is keeping you from living your FULL-FILLED Life and my free 3-day email course below, “Love Your Mean Girl to Death” will help you transform your life story

You’re a Mean Girl

Yup, you’re a girl! Not a baby, because all babies are sweet, and unconditional with their love. That’s not you, (psst, me too!). I want you to be a woman and to become one, you must love yourself unconditionally.

So, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, you’re TOTALLY a mean girl all day every day!

Mean Girls ROLL IT with the examples:

Karen: “GOD, my HIPS are HUGE!”

Gretchen: “Oh please, I HATE my CALVES.”

Regina: “At least you guys can wear halters, I got MAN SHOULDERS!”

Gretchen: “My HEADLINE is so WEIRD.”

Regina: “My PORES are HUGE.”

Karen: “My NAILBEDS sucks.”

Cady: “I have really BAD BREATH in the morning.”


Ya, that’s you! And, guess what? ME TOO!

STORY TIME….so I remember the exact moment when I added in “the story” that I had HUGE PORES. Before this moment, I never thought I had huge or small pores. I didn’t have a worry in the world and without knowing it, loved the size of my pores and thought they were perfect. But in college, while conversing with a guy friend (yup, there are MEAN BOYS too because we’ll do it!) he opened up a can of worms about pore size. He was like, “UGH I HATE my HUGE PORES! LOOK AT THEM…just LOOK. My face is SO UGLY. My pores are so BIG, it’s RIDICULOUS.”

I have NEVER heard anyone talk about the size of their pores. Pimples, ya, but never so much emphasis on pore sizes. All new information for me. I was really shocked! I started to look and try to comprehend his odd behavior. In the end I told him, “you’re tripping.”

Phew, I thought I left without casualties.



I started to wonder and think if I had UGLY HUGE PORES TOO because they were kind of similar to his pores. I use to think nothing was wrong with my pores, but apparently NOT! If he was tripping out, I should too, right? So, then I started to trip out about them too.


Do you feel me here? Has this ever happened to you? Countless times, maybe?

You AREN’T ALONE in this Mean Girl Matrix. Society has conditioned you to be “perfect” and if you aren’t then the inner mean girl starts going 24/7 in the background of life. Forget the fat and skinny, we come up with a lot of RANDOM things wrong with our bodies and who we’re.


“You should be doing more!”

“Look at what she is doing. Why aren’t you?”

“You don’t know what you’re really doing.”

“You’re a failure.”

“This will never work for me.”

“No one will ever love you.”


So, how do you STOP THE MADNESS? I’m glad you asked :) I’ll share with you 2 out of the 30 tips to Love Your Mean Girl To Death to get your started.

Tip 3 – Become BFF With Your Mean Girl

Yup, I said it! Don’t ignore her, it will just make things worst and she WILL go cray cray on you.

Really get to know her. Tune into when she shows up and what she is saying. She is trying in her own way to protect you. She really does love you! Realize everything she says, is out of fear.  So, LISTEN UP and get into BFF mode to discover what her root fear is and help calm her down by loving her to death. Remember to get your free gift, “Part 1/5: Love Your Mean Girl to Death” below to show you how to start doing this exactly.

Tip 15 – REALLY?!?

Ask yourself “REALLY?!?” Is this really, really true? Or are you just being a drama queen?

“Am I REALLY the fattest chick EVER?”

Like, REALLY? Come on now, get real with yourself. Even if you were overweight, are you really the fattest chick EVER? Not even in this world, but in ALL OF HISTORY? NO WAY, that’s so ridiculously extreme, you would be on TV already. You get my drift? ;) So, stop the drama that isn’t even true.

Or how about, “No one will EVER love you?”

REALLY?!? A world that has 7 billion people, you won’t ever find ONE person that will love you? REALLY? Ya, that’s extreme too and you’re being a LYING DRAMA QUEEN! Stop being a drama queen and stop lying to yourself 24/7.

While it may seems like these two tips are minimal, they aren’t! Please notice that is your mean girl talking again and whatever way possible start incorporating what you learned NOW by answering my question below.

My Question to You:

What do you say to yourself and how are you a lying drama queen by using the REALLY?!? Method.  I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Oh ya, last but not least, your free gift to ending negative self-talk.

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Get the 3-day email course and step-by-step guidebook on how to Love Your Mean Girl to Death below, so you can transform into a woman that loves herself unconditionally, so you can live a FULL-FILLED life.

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  • Brad December 23, 2015, 2:20 am

    REALLY? Yup, that was awesome! Well written blend of entertainment and actionable tips. I’m not a mean girl but I have tools to squash the negative inner dialogue. Thanks!


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