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New Year Goals: Setting Goals Like A Boss

setting goals like a boss

Have you created your goals for the new year yet?


Why, you ask?

Because without benchmarking where you are in life, RIGHT THIS MOMENT and where YOU want to be at, then how will you know how much you have improved or not?

Instead of just quickly saying, these are my 2015 goals…NEXT!

Let’s really break them down, setting goals for the new year so you can achieve SUCCESS this year.

FREE BONUS HANDOUT: I also made a nice new years goals template for you all called “Clearly You 2015: Setting Goals for the New Year.”

Let’s get focused on what is CLEARLY YOU, so you can LIVE LIFE AWESOMELY this year.

NO MORE EXCUSES! Let’s do this!

1. Theme for your Life


It’s pretty broad, but really gets down to the point in life. If something doesn’t make me feel awesome, then it shouldn’t be in my life.

It’s that SIMPLE. As my grandfather use to say, “keep it simple, stupid!” :)

So, come up with a theme you want your life to play out too. If you want, you are more than welcomed to use my theme.

2. Word for the Year

Now, I want you to think of ONE word for the year.

For me, it’s MOMENTUM!

No more just hanging out and being fearful. I want to trust in the universe and get MOVING!

Then, in no time I will be effortlessly rolling with ease and excitement. You feel me? :)

So, what word is relevant to YOU this year?

Fill it out on page one of the handout.

3. Your New Year’s Goals

NOW, you can write out your intentions for the year :)

What specific, measurable outcome do YOU want within the year?

A well-formed outcome is:

  • Stated in the POSITIVE – list things you want, not DON’T WANT.
  • Initiated and maintained by OURSELVES – remember, NO EXCUSES! We don’t need to rely on someone else to change for us to do what we need to do.
  • Add some specific SENSORY BASED DESCRIPTIONS to it – so we know how it feels or looks when we reach our outcome.
  • An APPROPRIATE chunk size – A nice chunk to be worthwhile, yet small enough to feel attainable within the time frame given.

4. This Month’s Goals

Now to reach your end result, what ACTIONABLE STEPS can you take THIS MONTH? Write out all the sub-tasks for you to complete it too.

For example, if it is to do more social activities, then potential items could be creating an account on, finding a meetup group, and attending a meetup.

If you are building a new habit, START SMALL and get really specific. For example, going to the gym every Wednesday after work at 6pm or doing ONE push-up every morning as soon as you wake up.

5. Weekly and Daily Goals

Based off of what your objectives are for the month, decide what you will accomplish each week.


Like the Crossfit’s Workout of the Day (WOD), you will FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED when you complete your three actionables for the day. You get this BUZZING ENERGY that you are AMAZING! Because, DUH you are :)

6. Get Support and accountability!

This is super important, you are WAY more likely to succeed when you are held accountable and have support.

So, RECRUIT A FRIEND! Meet-up or have calls weekly to hold each other accountable.

If you don’t have friends who are goal-oriented or care to improve their life, then YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS ASAP! Tweet this.

Thankfully, it’s the digital age and you can go online easily and find new friends on Facebook groups and what not.

If not, then invest in yourself and get a coach. That is what we specialize in. Even coaches, have a coach or even coaches! That is because we realize the importance of being held accountable and getting support.

Since listening to Johnny FD’s Travel Like A Boss Podcast with Guest Speaker Sean Lee of 1MinaDay and HD Piano, I learned I need to up my game on Youtube.

It’s my 2015 mission to post 2 to 3 times a week to serve you all MORE! I am super excited about this. Help me out by letting me know how I can help serve YOU and what you would like to know about.


What is the theme for your life? Your word for the year? Also, please share your 2015 goals? Leave a comment and let us all know, so we can hold you accountable. 

Do me a quick favor: Spread the love and share with THREE FRIENDS how to SET GOALS FOR THE NEW YEARS LIKE A BOSS!

It will only take 3 seconds. <3 ya!

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