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How to Raise Self-Confidence WITHOUT Compliments

raise self-confidence without compliments

Don’t we LOVE compliments!

They just make us feel OH-SO-GOOOOD and our day EPIC AMAZING!

But then I started thinking, is this really HEALTHY?


Depends on your mindset, so let’s dig deep and find out!

1. Do you become OVER THE MOON excited when you get a compliment?

Wow, I can’t believe I got a compliment! ME! No way! Wow, I am BEAUTIFUL? WOW! Really?!?!

2. Are you longing for compliments?

Wondering…why haven’t I gotten complimented today? Is this shirt not flattering? Maybe I AM ugly? MAN…today SUCKS!

If you’re having these thoughts, then you’re running low on the love fuel.  You don’t feel seen, wanted, desirable, valid, and just EPIC AWESOME!

This is NOT okay!

You don’t need others to compliment you to help raise your love fuel. You can totally do this YOURSELF <3

Think about it, who is going to LOVE YOU better than YOURSELF? NO one should be able to OUT LOVE YOU.

Yup, I am a huge advocate of being FULL OF YOURSELF. Because guess what, you’re EPIC AWESOME! A compliment shouldn’t make your day. It should just be a “surprise” cherry you get on the top of your ice cream sundae :)

I LOVE Latin women and their confidence. They KNOW they are beautiful and compliments don’t phase them or make their day. They are FULL of themselves in the most loving and beautiful way possible.

Let’s stop seeing it as BAD and start fueling our own love tank.

Action Step:

Tell yourself everyday in the mirror, “I love you” and how EPIC AWESOME you are. Before you know it, your body will start to burst with this loving energy and compliments aren’t needed anymore. Let me know in the comments how this works for you!

Do me a quick favor: Spread the love and share with three friends how they can raise self-confidence without compliments!

It will only take 3 seconds. <3 ya!

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  • Joe February 8, 2015, 5:36 pm

    This is actually the first video I’ve seen of yours and the message resonates quite well with me in the sense that I’m usually more self-deprecating and harsher on myself than anyone else ever will. Thanks for writing about this topic and it’s not surprising that even people that have made it are still not happy and don’t love themselves as they should. I’m far from “making it”, but hopefully I can learn to appreciate and respect the process that is life. GO BEARS and 화이팅!

    • jenny March 29, 2015, 8:32 pm

      Joe, I am so so HAPPY this message resonates with you so much! You aren’t alone :) We all are so hard on ourselves and need to constantly remind ourselves to be way more gentle and loving.

      P.S. You already made it and you’re perfect where you’re at this very moment. GO BEARS and 화이팅! ^^


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