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One Surprising Fact about Salt…

salt benefits




In fact, you need to be loving that ish!


Don’t worry, I made the same mistake too! I listened to the crap that the media brainwashed into our heads that we need to limit salt intake or we risk getting anywhere from hypertension to heart attacks. Yikes! So of course just like everyone else – I avoided salt like there was no tomorrow. I read all the nutrition labels and would only buy things that had low or no salt added.

Thankfully, folks like Dr. Brownstein are talking about the conventional nonsense of limiting your salt intake. In this blog post, he surprisingly states that for 20 years his analysis of thousands of blood tests continue to show that most patients are salt deficient!

Did you know that adequate amounts of salt are needed to perform a variety of essential function, including thyroid and adrenal function? Mmmm Hmmm, so time to change your salt phobia starting today.

Which Salt Should I Buy?


What, really? YES, REALLY!

Just like there is refined sugar and flour, there is refined salt aka table salt. What began as an essential nutrient, our industrial food system somehow always finds a way to process it into a mess.

AVOID refined salt. Its chemical structure has been changed into pure sodium chloride, which contains NO trace minerals and HAS ADDITIVES! So say bye bye to Morton and their cute umbrella girl.

BUY unrefined salt, which contain approximately 60 trace minerals. Plus, there is no additives. There are three popular types of unrefined salt:

  • Celtic Sea Salt – Harvested off the shores of France.
  • Himalayan Salt – Mined from ancient sea beds in Pakistan.
  • Real Salt – Mined from an an ancient sea bed in Redmond, Utah

They each have slightly different mineral profiles, so mix it up and check them out. I like them all, but currently enjoying my Real Salt.

How Much Salt?


Pretty much salt freely to your taste preference. It’s as simple and easy as that! If you like a range, Dr. Brownstein seen most patients do well with ingesting one to two teaspoons of unrefined salt per day. So go and enjoy some tasteful food now, by adding some unrefined salt :)

Knowledge is power, but don’t be a greedy mofo! Share with your friends how they need more unrefined salt in their day.

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