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Quick Tip for Holiday Eating

quick holiday eating tip

So, it’s the Holidays and I just wanted to give you a quick holiday eating tip before you head out to dinner and get your grub on.

I want to get you into the right mindset, so you come out from the celebrations without any food guilt.

Yes, go get your grub on and enjoy the yummy-ness with no guilt or judgement.


It’s not the END OF THE WORLD! It’s not your last Christmas EVER or the last day of your LIFE.

No eating like there is NO TOMORROW! MMMM…KAY?

Let GO and EAT, but ENJOY it and have no judgement, no stress. Like that pumpkin pie….MMMmmmm hell ya, my favorite :)

Be mindful and enjoy and savor each delicious bite of it.


YOU CAN, but don’t go to the crazy extreme where at the end of all of it, you aren’t going to feel good.

I always see those blue messages after the holiday saying, “OMG I ate so much, I feel fat and I hate myself *sadface*” Don’t set yourself up, so you feel guilty about it afterwards. I FEEL YA, I use to do that all the time and sometimes still do!

You gots to go into it with a good mindset and game plan, and that’s why I am sharing this with you’ll  <3

Check into your body and see if it’s even hungry because 99% of the time, it isn’t!

That’s why I am giving you’ll a FREE gift, my guided visualization on hunger and discovering what you’re truly hungry for. Let’s karate chop all the bullcrap away and get to the root issue of things.

My Question to You:

Did you have any “a-has” from this holiday eating tip? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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