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Chew Your Smoothies to Activate Your Natural Digestive Enzymes

Chew your smoothies for best results

Do you chug your smoothies?


I use to do the same thing…

But did you know you need to SLOW YOUR ROLL and CHEW YOUR SMOOTHIES?

We typically don’t think about chewing our smoothies.

They are SMOOOOTH! What is there to chew, right? (That’s if you have the best blender.)

Even though smoothies are hugely broken down for us, we STILL need to GET OUR CHEW ON.

This is a HUGE and LOVE YA tip for our digestive system.

This is because when you chew, you create salvia, which has NATURAL DIGESTIVE ENZYMES! For those for you that don’t know, digestive enzymes break down food into nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, etc), so our body can absorb them.

How awesome is that?!?

You don’t need to buy digestive enzymes! Your body is freaking amazing and can make that ish HOMEMADE :)

If you have a really shot digestive system, then you may need supplements to help support your body.

Either way, getting yourself to chew more trains your body to naturally make your own digestive enzymes, which is BY FAR THE BEST KIND!

Not to mention it will save you LOADS OF MONEY from having to buy supplements to take with all your meals.


No saliva in your mouth = not chewing enough = no natural digestive enzymes

The more you get into the habit of chewing, the more your body gets into the habitat of making natural digestive enzymes.

It’s that EASY!

So, no more chugging folks—that is so college beer fest style!

We want to be PRESENT—really taste our foods and enjoy it.

When you do this, you will be LIVING LIFE AWESOMELY because you will have so much more NATURAL ENERGY! This is because your body will digest your smoothie way more effectively to better absorb the amazing energy-rich nutrients.


Next time you have a smoothie, get your chew on! Leave a comment and let us all know how this information has helped you.

Do me a quick favor: Spread the love and share with THREE FRIENDS how they need to CHEW THEIR SMOOTHIES and ACTIVATE THEIR NATURAL DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

It will only take 3 seconds. <3 ya!

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