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5 Factors of a Perfect Diet

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I hear these questions from my clients, what can I eat? what can’t I eat? what is the best diet?


Think about it, this assumes there’s a perfect diet and that we’re all the SAME…right?

Can everyone in this world eat the same perfect diet…ALWAYS…and feel AMAZING?

Not in the traditional sense, but yes if you redefine what perfect is.

The Changing Perfect Diet

We have totally different genetics, environments, ages, and health. Hence, why we all have different diets. What works for one person, may or may not work for another person. The exact diet may work now, but not later for the same person.

However, there is still such a huge food fight going on. Everyone is dividing up and going, “PALEO,” “VEGAN,” “RAW,” or whatever!

This need for sameness…a constant…being fixed into something…rigid.

Our diets will never be the same, it will always be changing because our bodies are always changing.

Did you know we have all these new blood cells that are being regenerated, as well as our skin? The liver cells regenerate every 6 weeks!

Our bodies regenerate at an insane level and we’re just going to have so many different needs throughout our lifetime.

That is why there isn’t a one size fits all perfect diet for everyone, let alone just for you. It’s always changing. Perfect is never static. It evolves. Here are five factors of a changing perfect diet.


Our lifestyle is never static and is always changing. It can be as simple as a new job, transiting from a desk job to working out in the field. You’re definitely going to be chowing down on some more food for energy since you’re moving a lot more than before.

Or how about a change in finances? I bet you didn’t think about that! For example, not being able to do certain things because of limited finances.

Also, your sleep, exercise and hobbies are all lifestyle factors that can create a changing perfect diet.


Our environment has an HUGE influence on our body, which results in a change in diet.

When I moved to Thailand, I instantly was craving the tropical fruit like crazy. I resisted for a while because I was so rigid and told my body “no” since I ate a diet low in fruit. Finally my body was like SCREW IT and INDULGED in all the tropical fruits. My body was SO HAPPY!

Don’t be rigid and be flexible and accepting in your changing diet.


We wear different clothes according to the seasons, so it’s no surprise our body and diet changes as well according to the seasons.

When it’s colder, we want warming foods and are appetite naturally increases. When it’s summer, we crave and want cooling fruits and vegetables.


When we were babies, we started 100% on milk. We don’t do that anymore, at least not as our staple. Then, we moved onto pureed food to whole foods.

In our teens, our body grows and metabolizes at a high rate requiring larger portions of nutrients and it tapering off as we get older and older.

As we age, our body changes and so does our nutrition needs.


Our diet definitely changes depending on our health.

When we start to get a common cold or flu, we start to choose healing foods like soups and teas.

Or if we have a serious health condition, a special diet that takes into consideration the nutritional therapy that is needed.

How about pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation? For sure we have some crazy diet changes during those body changes. I can definitely preach it for when I have been on my menstruation. How about those cravings of chocolate? Maybe your body telling you to eat some good quality dark chocolate to help your levels of iron?  Just saying ;)

Can you see how these 5 factors are constantly changing, even just day to day? Even within those 5 factors, there are more variables within those too!

Those nights you stay up late to finish that project or movie, the times you decided to skip out on getting in some movement, when you stayed out in the sun too long and got sunburnt, injured yourself, and etc.

Build Nutritional Body Wisdom

We need to tap into our nutritional body wisdom and really listen to what we need right now. When we do this, we don’t eat just for the sake of eating.

Oh, it’s 12pm, I must have my lunch now. Or, I always have to have some protein, protein, protein. Or just blindly following a table of daily nutritional needs. This is just the mind working and it doesn’t take into consideration the five changing factors aka our personal real life.

Instead being really conscious about your eating. No more focusing on science nutrition, the media, or emotions (you know that emotional eating we do so well), but tapping into what is really going on within YOUR body. To not let perceived notions take over your mind of what should and shouldn’t be eaten on the perfect static diet and step into the reality of things of what your body truly desires.

Isn’t that so much more freeing? You have the freedom to feed your body truly instead of keeping it unsatisfied with following what others have to say is the perfect diet.

How Do I Start?

Okay, okay here is a simple baseline.


They’re AMAZING and you can’t go wrong there, your body naturally thrives off of them with so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Start there and add in other foods to see how your body reacts and if the food loves your body back.

How has your perfect diet changed? Let me know in the comments below!

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