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The Best Flight Food EVER on Any Airline!

Airline food for passengers

I recently discovered the BEST FLIGHT FOOD EVER by mistake while traveling to Thailand that I must share with you all!

We all had airline food, and typically it just isn’t the greatest. Depending on which airline you fly, it can be either a step above or even BELOW CAFETERIA FOOD.

Thankfully, flight food options are getting way better. But, I still plan for the worst and pack healthy, nutrient-rich energy snacks to hold me over on a flight.

Either way, I thought I would experiment with the flight food and picked vegetarian from the list of preference. I was super crossing my fingers that I would just get an amazing amount of veggies—you know the veg in vegetarian (hah), but typically they tend to be more grain-based.

Additionally, I didn’t share with the airline that I’m gluten, dairy and soy-free since there wasn’t anywhere on the website that allowed this additional input. Since I am not Celiac, I just stopped there and hoped for the best.

So, I get my vegetarian airline flight food and there was not much veggies, and a lot of grains. Of course, mixed with some gluten, soy and sometimes dairy. Plus, everything was mostly cooked in vegetable oil, which isn’t great for you either.

But whatever, I planned for the worst—so it didn’t really matter. I was still bummed that my experiment confirmed that airline flight food is not that great.


The person next to me gets their special “restricted” food and I was BLOWN AWAY!

I was so STOKED that I discovered the secret to the BEST FLIGHT FOOD EVER—on any airline too!

Can you guess what it is?


Now, I know there are fruitarians, but I didn’t know it was popular enough to request just fruits. I only knew about vegetarian, vegan, halal, or kosher options.  This was all NEWS to me and now I want to spread it like fire.

It looked so DELICIOUS and AMAZING! It had about 4 to 5 different FRESH FRUITS and they gave quite a bit too!

It truly was a fruitarian meal—JUST fruits!

I was so JEALOUS! I totally wanted to steal her meal haha. I even asked the attendant, I want what she has. But sadly, you have to request it in advance. No surprise there.

The reason why this is the best airline food ever—you don’t have to worry about what oils, sauces, additives, preservatives, MSG, hormones, quality of meat, or whatever!

It’s just RAW fruit in its pure form filled with amazing vitamins and antioxidants.

Before anyone goes, “But Jenny, I bet it wasn’t organic, pesticide-free, or GMO-free fruit.”

Nope, I’m sure it wasn’t. We aren’t living in utopia and just need to pick the best options available to us :)

Remember, no matter what I still see airline flight food as supplemental.

Who knows, you may go on a flight and their fruit meal is a processed fruit cup. Hah, that would SUCK! So, still plan for the worst. I had my awesome healthy snacks—including my sardines hah. But, the fruit meal can totally just be your meal as well.

Do what works well with your body. We are all unique and AMAZING! No one can tell you what is good for you, only YOU truly know.

Either way, REQUEST A SPECIAL MEAL—YOU GET IT VIP FIRST! It was awesome to get my meal 10 to 15 minutes before anyone else. So ask for anything, maybe no salt or no sugar—whatever your heart desires!

For my flight back home, I have already called and put in my request for a fruit meal. I can’t wait to share with you the pictures :)

Diving Deep Challenge:

Next time you book a flight, ask for a special meal preference. Not only will you get it VIP first and feel amazing special, but it is great to practice just asking. We tend to hold back what we really want in life, so be free and open! This is something I am working on always.

I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know have you asked for meal preference on a flight? What was your experience? Or have you tried a fruit meal? Please share all the details below.

Do me a quick favor: Spread the love and share with THREE FRIENDS how to get THE BEST FLIGHT FOOD EVER ON ANY AIRLINE!

It will only take 3 seconds. <3 ya!

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