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2nd Annual 12 Days of Holiday Cheer

2nd Annual 12 Days of Holiday Cheer

I am SO excited to be doing the 12 Days of Holiday Cheer AGAIN this year!

That means this is the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Holiday Cheer, and it’s officially a tradition now! Woot! :)

Last year everyone LOVED this FREE email series jam packed with loads of health, self-care, and eating tips.

This year will be even better because I teamed up with 11 amazing friends in the industry to include 12+ bonus awesome gifts valued over $199, all for FREE!

12 Days of Holiday Cheer Collage
If you want to join in on the self-care parade, sign up below:

Starting on Sunday, December 13th, you will receive daily emails from a new coach filled with great information on how to nurture your health easily during the holidays with self-care and joy.

The Schedule:
Day 1 – Just Breathe by Elaine De Santos
Day 2 – How to Make Time For Yourself in Your Busy Day by Meshaelle Pate
Day 3 – You Don’t Have To Do That: Reducing Stress During The Holidays by Lori Booty
Day 4 – Banish Busy Season Anxiety by Melissa Angley
Day 5 – Help Your Gut & Your Gut Will Help You by Brandi Mackenzie
Day 6 – Foods To Supercharge Your Mood by Erica Benedicto
Day 7 – How to Modify and Moderate Holiday Eating by Natalie Love Cruz
Day 8 – Self-Care Through Food: What You Eat Matters by Bernice Griffiths
Day 9 – Choosing Gratitude When You Just Want to Feel Like A Grinch by Jen “Bout-It”
Day 10 – Stop The Inner Mean Girl Dialogue by Jenny Cleary
Day 11 – How To Set Goals That Work For You by Catarina Catarino
Day 12 – How to Make Self-Care Automatic With Habits by Living Mindful Eating


Check out a few of the rave reviews from last year’s 12 Days of Holiday Cheer:

“This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! I am always the one to say yes. I was so proud of myself to say no today and felt so liberated! THANK YOU!” -Emily

“I appreciate you’re 12 Days of Holiday Cheer more than you’ll ever know!” -Alicia

“I have been enjoying your 12 days of Holiday Cheer each day.” -Sylvia

“I’m really enjoying this series on Holiday Cheer! Keep ’em coming. This IS making a difference for me! Thank you!” -Brenda

“This is more pertinent than you can ever know! THANK YOU.” -Jen


Looking forward to spending 12 Days of Holiday Cheer with you!

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