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100 Reasons to Hug More and How To Enjoy Your Day INSTANTLY

100 hugs

Hugs are EVERYWHERE and we’re just missing out on this unique, yummy and FULL-FILLING treat.

I love how Sandy Gingras redefines hugs in her book, 100 Hugs: A little Book of Comfort, “hugs are everywhere, in moments, in gestures, in cozy chairs, in kind words, in milkshakes, and mountain breezes within your grasp.”

Even more so, not seeing the transformational power of these hugs. She goes on to say, “every hug is a mini-healing, mini-affirmation, mini-step in the right direction.”


We miss so many hugs that are in our everyday lives. Let’s become way more aware of our day and notice these moments in our lives, they’re literally E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, if we just open our eyes and hearts to them.

For example, a stranger holding the door for you. That is a MASSIVE HUG YO and should instantly put a smile on your face. Don’t let that moment pass you by to jolt some joy into your day.

Or how about a massive belly laugh? That is an AMAZING HUG! Don’t we just need more of those hugs in our days? Yea, you know it!

Snuggling in for breakfast in bed, or seeing the sun break through the clouds? Yes, and YES PLEASE! :)

Do you get the picture? If not, check out her book to get some creative ideas on how to see more hugs throughout your day.

Here are a few random ones of mine in no particular order:

  1. A drive by smile from a stranger walking by
  2. freshly squeezed juice
  3. sunshine
  4. the ocean water being a perfect temperature when stepping in
  5. fitted clothes
  6. butterflies dancing around me
  7. fully ripen fruits
  8. a funny joke
  9. the perfect picture captured
  10. handwritten note/card
  11. spices paired perfectly
  12. dogs chasing their tails
  13. beautifully plated food
  14. colorful flowers
  15. a playful baby
  16. a message from an old friend
  17. homemade banana nice cream
  18. compliments
  19. when someone REALLY listens
  20. sunsets

Now your turn to give it a try :)

My Question to You:

I would love to hear from you about what hugs you received today or some of your favorite hugs. Please share in the comments below, so we can create our own 100+ hug list! That would be epic and would be a major hug for me ;)

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